(il)Legitimate Christians?


It really frustrates me when people who claim to be Christians live contrary to what they claim to believe, causing non-believers to scorn the cross and tear apart everything Jesus came to do. In my Arabic class, there was a discussion going on about the Islamic religion and Christianity. They (all non-believers) tore apart Christianity, criticizing the Christians for being a bunch of hypocrites and judging the rest of the world. They had several arguments about Christians and why they want nothing to do with Christianity because it’s all a bunch of lies.

For example, they were talking about how the government supports Israel just because the Bible says that those who support Israel will not be condemned, but while they ignore when Israel causes problems or hurts other nations. They also pointed out that the Bible has many contradictions in the Old and New Testaments, which is why it’s all just a bunch of lies, and therefore Christians are just people who say what they want to believe.

I have also heard many more arguments against Christianity, saying that Christians are all hypocrites. For example, there have been instances where preachers condemn homosexuals, then later come out as being gay. In other cases, Christians are the ones persecuting people who are not believers.

This is true; there are many hypocrites and people out there who call themselves Christians, but do not practice what they  preach. This makes it hard for those who are really trying to follow Christ and become more like him. A lot of times, as soon as you tell someone that you are a Christian, they assume you are just like all the other “Christians” out there, making it hard to have a good testimony.

While I do not have all the answers or reasons why people act the way they do, or why they do not practice what they preach, and while it bothers me a great deal that Christians today have a bad name for themselves, what I DO know is that Jesus Christ has changed my life, and that is why I call myself a Christian.

I know I am not perfect (and never will be until I get to Heaven), but I know the One who is perfect.

Christianity is not about a religion or doing good things to make you ‘right’ with God. It is about having a relationship with the One true God through believing in Jesus Christ, and letting Him change you to become more like Jesus.

*Don’t know what Jesus is like? Check out Christ’s ministry in the four Gospels, as well as Philippians chapter 2.

Ultimately, your destiny is between you and God. He has given us His Word (the Bible), and more importantly, His Son to die for our sins. I can’t answer for others who call themselves Christians, but all I can say is that God has changed my life, and He has worked in me and saved me from what I would have been.

Without Him, I would have no purpose or hope for my life.

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  1. Thank you! This post is amazing. It’s glad to see other people who are growing tired of the horrible reputation that the label “Christian” has grown to be synonymous with hypocrite or bigot. Keep up the faith and know that you’re not alone! (Proverbs 27:17) God bless you! (:

  2. God is a jealous god and wants a relationship with His beloved…that’s You! The only pure desire in life is to be loved by God and empowered through His Holy Spirit to love Him back (for we don’t know how to truly love without Him showing us). That’s it! He doesn’t need a lawyer to argue a case for Him. Christians, true disciples of Christ, are known by one thing…LOVE. God doesn’t want your service, your tithes, your peddling Jesus’ name to people who begrudgingly listen. God wants you…that’s it. From there, all forms of beauty and service will grow inside of you AS A RESULT OF LOVE. “Seek My face”…God wants a person to choose to seek Him and love Him. From there everything changes. Once a person has really tasted God, that person is filled with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of this filling is LOVE, We need to be drawing closer to God, and let Him take care of the rest. Why do we look everywhere and try to do all we can to please God, when all He wants is to love you! Again, once a person has a relationship with their God, then love begins to flow. People will know a true Christian by their love. That is what scripture says. People will have a hard time “dogging” a Christian that just wants to love others. Hypocrisy is when someone says they are something that they are not, deep down they are just as lost…the only difference is that person thinks they have a “punched card” for heaven. American Christianity is really sick right now, BUT I believe we will be coming around soon! Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed it!

  3. This is great!! I totally agree with you; there are a lot of Christians who are hypocrites, me included. I love Philippians 2… its my favorite chapter… specifically verses 5-11. I think that by being Christians we need to be servants to all… not just the other Christians we connect with. Thank you for posting this!!! I look forward to reading more of your blog 🙂

    In Christ,

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