Ahh…Good Times


It’s so fun to sit with friends and talk about memories and things we remembered doing ‘back in the day.’ Some good, some not so good, but always lessons to be learned and things to share. While I absolutely LOVE sharing stories with people, I have to confess that I’m not at all good at coming up with things to talk about right off the top of my head.

One thing I always loved was doing crazy stuff with my cousins. We would stay up late talking all night about everything and nothing. Actually, most of the time it was me doing all the talking, they would fall asleep on me way before I was finished. But in more recent years, I would be asleep before we even finished the newest puzzle while watching reruns of Monk. One time we raced barefoot around the block – just because. On a Fourth of July, we set up a game of volleyball in the middle of the road, using folding chairs as our ‘net.’ We would lay on floor in the living room, shooting rubber bands at the ceiling to see who could get the most caught on the top of the ceiling fan. Or we would throw M&Ms, marshmallows, Skittles or grapes up in the air and attempt to catch them in our mouths without dropping them on the floor or chipping a tooth in the process.  We spent hours in the bathroom, fixing each others’ hair, experimenting with makeup, and talking about boys. We were crazy.

Fun stories also come out of times spent hanging out with friends. Like that time we almost got crushed in the mosh pit at a Disciple concert. Or the time we dressed up in costumes and walked around in a field, gathering stares from curious people who happened to be driving by. Or that one September evening we went for a walk in the pouring rain. Last year on the Fourth of July we took old VCR tape shells and karate chopped them into smithereens in the driveway. And there was a summer at camp when we didn’t have a card deck, so we ripped up pieces of notebook paper to use as playing cards.

What would I ever do without good friends?

For instance, I always hated public speaking. When the time came for me to take speech class , I was terrified to say the least. I would always hope (and even pray) when the day of a speech came that the professor would not show up. Unfortunately, this only happened maybe one time. One day, my professor decided that it was me who would have to get up in front of the class to deliver my speech first. I of course, was appalled and ‘not ready’ yet. Then my best friend, who I was taking the class with, graciously volunteered to go first in my place. I was incredibly relieved that day, as well as thankful to have such an amazing friend.

I can only imagine the great stories we’ll get to hear someday when we all get to Heaven. And not only stories of funny things that happened or that we did, but also great stories, our stories of the faith. We’ll get to hear from other believers we knew and learn how we encouraged them or made a difference in their lives while we were still here. Or did we?

As long as you’re still alive, you still have the potential to make a difference!




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