Smiles, leaves, & frozen yogurt


It’s too bad we don’t live as if every day was Thanksgiving. I know I’m guilty of taking each day and everything I have for granted.

Thankfulness should really be something that we put into practice regularly, not just brushed off and given a single day of the year (to eat and watch football).

This semester, I have about an hour break between classes, so I usually find a quiet place to sit and either do homework, listen to music, or doodle in my notebook. Several weeks ago, I decided that when I was on break, I would take a minute to write in my notebook one or two things that I was thankful for that day. A couple of things I wrote were “gentlemen who open doors for girls” and “86% on my history exam.” It’s a good reminder for me not to take things for granted. It’s also nice to look back on and realize that I have been blessed with so much, even when I don’t think so.

Nearly every Thanksgiving, I compile a list of things I am thankful for. It’s interesting to look back and see how things on my list change or how different things are added. Usually my list includes the major things, like my family, friends, Thanksgiving dinner, etc. This year I am including the small things as well. I am thankful for soft hoodies, frozen yogurt, little kids’ smiles, wading through leaf piles, and being able to listen to my favorite cds. And people in my life who are willing to keep me accountable.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

“Every time I think of you – and I think of you often! – I thank God for you.” ~Philippians 1:3


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