Monthly Archives: February 2012

That’s what I go to school for


Ah, community college. Where anybody can go, where nobody wants to be, where I have spent several semesters of my life so far becoming, as my history professor puts it, “educated.”

I enjoy expanding my knowledge on different subjects, adding to my vocabulary, and learning to think critically about current issues. While I haven’t necessarily enjoyed every class, I have enjoyed learning. I mean, that’s what we go to school for, right?

What continually surprises me is the number of students that don’t seem to even care about their education. They come late to class, leave early, complain about having to sit in on lectures, don’t participate, complain about the teachers, talk during class, text during class, procrastinate, complain about having to learn and memorize, blah, blah, blah – the list goes and and on – then they wonder why they’re not passing the class. Well duh!

While I can’t say that I’ve never been guilty of any of the above, I can say that I’ve learned a lot from the mistakes that I’ve made. I’ve learned to prioritize and not put things off; to get up early enough to make it to class on time; to relax when I get stressed out; to ask for help; to make new friends when I don’t have friends around; to risk feeling stupid by asking questions; to apply what I’ve learned to life; to develop self-confidence; to write a paper half an hour before it’s due (which I don’t recommend); to stand up for what’s right, even if I’m the only one; to study in advance rather than cramming the night before exams.

My favorite thing about being at the community college is that I can pick whatever classes I want for my major and electives. My favorite classes include Arabic (I can actually read/write a foreign language!! even if I don’t understand it that well), History (it makes the difference between winning and losing on Family Feud when you have to know what purpose the Missouri Compromise served), Speech (while I really dislike public speaking, I liked that it forced to me step out of my comfort zone and gain confidence in myself. And hey, a class field trip to get pancakes wasn’t bad either), and my most favorite class was Fencing!! (I would definitely recommend it) šŸ˜‰

This is my last semester before graduationĀ  – unless I decide to come back to study something different…. Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to moving on to something new, and trusting God to hold my future in His hands.