A Girl Like You


A Girl Like You

You should smile more; I haven’t seen your beautiful smile in too long; look people in the eyes when you’re talking to them; show respect to get respect; respond with “yes ma’am” or “no sir,” not ‘yeah’; have you read your Bible yet today?; visit friends who are in the hospital, they may need cheering up more than you know; keep your home clean in case people come over unexpected; keep extra cash in your purse in case you ever need a ride; go outside to get fresh air; use sunscreen so that you don’t get cancer; don’t buy clothes that are ‘dry clean only;’ fertilize your roses with the old coffee grounds and they’ll grow larger; write your thank-you notes within a week; put a little extra water in your rice so it doesn’t turn out too dry; call home so we know what you’re up to after midnight; I know you’ve had your heart set on getting that tattoo and you know I don’t approve; if you do, you’d better tell me so I’m not the last one to find out; don’t give your heart away to the first boy who comes around; cover yourself up so you’re not on display for anyone other than your husband – but I don’t even have a husband – and don’t talk back; you will have a good husband someday if you make good choices; this is how you take care of your children; this is how you teach you children right from wrong; this is how you put together a healthy meal on a budget; this is how you pick ripe fruits and veggies; this is how you organize coupons to save money; this is how you clean a fish tank; this is how you take care of your neighbors; this is how you stand up for yourself – always stand up for yourself; I know you’re a good girl; God has a perfect plan for your life.

(English class writing assignment, February 5, 2012. Modeled after Jamaica Kincaid’s “Girl”)


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