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Welcome to PBI


Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn (*dramatic music*)Well here we are folks, first weekend of the college life. I moved into the dorm on Friday, and since then have met a ton of new people, had numerous orientation sessions (more to come), and am already tired out. Yet here I am, after my other friends (and roommate) have long gone to bed, blogging. 🙂

It was a complete switch to come to Prairie, leaving my friends, family, job, life, school plans, and other things I held on to behind in order to seek (and find) all that God has for me this year.  Honestly, I kind of feel like Abraham when God told him to pack up and move to the ‘promised land.’

I’m stoked for this year; it’s going to be awesome!

It is so incredible to talk to the other students and hear their stories of how they decided to come to PBI. Quite a few, like me, are here just because it was God that directed their steps. And it’s so cool to meet people from literally all over the world who are here with the same purpose as me!

Some of my goals/hopes for this year:
~ grow in my relationship with God – especially dependence on him; trusting and loving him
~ establish a consistent prayer/Bible reading/reflection time everyday
~ learn more about God and what He expects/requires of his followers
~ make a lot of new friends
~ relax and enjoy the year (not focus solely on academics)

If you’re wondering how you can pray for me, here are a couple of specific things:
~ Restful sleep every night.
~ I am going to be looking for a church home in the coming weeks; that I would find a solid church to get involved in. (there are a lot of choices)
~ I will be tweaking my class schedule this week; that I will know what classes and extra-curriculars to join in.

I love how God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. I greatly enjoy star-gazing, and from up north the stars are so much brighter and clearer. It’s beautiful! God’s creation is absolutely incredible! God’s faithfulness and goodness have been clear throughout history, and I am psyched to be even a small part of his great master plan. It’s going to be a fantastic year!




Here Comes the Best Part…(part 2 of 2)


I didn’t previously plan to move so far away. It was a God thing to happen so fast.

I applied for the Paramedic program at the community college here back in April and had to wait until mid-June to hear back on whether or not I got accepted. I did (right away), and I was psyched! Yes! Finally I had a major and an actual plan. I enrolled in classes, paid for tuition and announced my plans.

Two weeks later, I was stung on my hand by a wasp. It was swollen for a day or so then was normal. Eight days later, I had a delayed reaction, and my hand got really swollen, itchy, red, small hives. So I had to take Benadryl for that. Fast forward to the middle of July, tubing on the river (in Canada) for 8+ hours. I was covered in bug bites and swollen from head to foot (the worst of anyone in the group). So I was on Benadryl again for the entire rest of the weekend at PBI, completely out of it. I stayed in bed and only left my room for meals and for the closing service on Sunday morning.
One week after we got home from vacation, I had an allergic reaction to (I think) raspberries. Within hours of eating them I was covered in red, itchy hives. Thankfully, it wasn’t an anaphylactic reaction, so it wasn’t like we had to call an ambulance or anything. Haha if it was, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything for myself without an Epipen. I ended up going to the health clinic and getting a prescription for steroids, which quickly took care of the problem. I still have to wait a couple more weeks before I’m going to eat a raspberry to see if it does anything (or if it was something else I ate).

That was all two weeks ago now. Last week, I told my parents and some friends that I applied to PBI.

It wasn’t so much of a snap decision, just a God decision.

While in Canada, we were actually near Three Hills (where PBI is), and we ate lunch at McDonald’s. I was at a table with my siblings and my parents were at the table next to us. We were just sitting there eating lunch, and then a man comes over to our table, comes over to me specifically, and gives ME a tract. As if I was some kind of sinner (which I am, but I’m also forgiven through the blood of Jesus). I thanked him, but inside I was rather upset. Why, out of all these people, did he pick me? Could he sense that I had a bad attitude (I admit I kind of did that day)? I don’t know why, but it made me stop to think.

Maybe God was trying to get my attention?

Somewhere between those times of being incoherent and out of it due to the drugs, He got my attention.

I choose to apply for the one-year Bible certificate. Prairie sent out a brochure for the program, challenging students to give God one year to see what He could do. So that’s what I’m doing.

I will be gone probably until next May or early June, but it depends on what happens during this year. I may decide to switch over into the Aviation program, who knows? During this year, my hope is to grow closer to God and also (of course) grow in my knowledge and understanding of His word, the Bible.

I have been asked, and I am sure I will be asked this many times, if I decided to transfer to PBI because I met ‘someone’ special. Meaning, am I going there because I met some guy?

The answer is no. I really was out of it that entire weekend, or I could have applied while I was there. I hardly talked to anyone. Although I must say that out of the few older ladies that I did talk to, they all said “Come to Prairie, you’ll be sure to find a husband here.”

I wanted (and still have that hope) to only date the person I would end up marrying. For now, that area of my life is on hold; I am waiting and trusting God that He knows what He’s doing. That’s not easy to write. Honestly, it really hurts, but that’s where I’m at.

In closing, while sitting in church a couple Sundays ago, the sermon was about helping the needy, and somehow I found myself in the book of Isaiah, chapter 55. Verses 12-13 (almost) literally jumped out off the page at me, like God was pointing them out for ME.

“You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and the hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands. Instead of the thornbush will grow the pine tree, and instead of briers the myrtle will grow. This will be for the Lord’s renown, for an everlasting sign, which will not be destroyed.”

Whatever it is that He has in store is going to be amazing.
Trust God!

Here Comes the Best Part…(part 1 of 2)


Well, it’s been a great summer. I would have blogged more but was just too busy having fun 😉

Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

1. In June, I was incredibly blessed with the opportunity to be pampered for a week with my grandparents on a cruise to Alaska. It was so nice and relaxing to get away without having to cook or clean, with no worries or work.
Every evening we had a fancy dinner in the main dining room, where we ate with a couple from Alabama. They were also believers, and it was so nice to enjoy fellowship with them.

My favorite thing about Alaska was breathing in the cool fresh mountain air and being able to smell the pine trees. The snow topped mountains were beautiful and watching huge whales spouting was pretty incredible also. It was so hard to come back home.

2. After I got back from Alaska, I had an interview with the coordinator of the Paramedic program at the community college. I was accepted right away into the program!! (it’s hard to get into) so I enrolled (and paid) for classes for the fall 2012 semester, with the plan of going there for 3 semesters to become a Paramedic (right now I’m certified as an EMT-Basic).

3. Last month, my family went to Alberta, Canada for two and a half weeks. We were able to spend time visiting with family and friends while we were there, as well as go to Banff, see the hoodoos, and have fun being all together.

During the two weeks, we went up to Prairie Bible Institute for their Homecoming. Both of my parents went to Prairie (that’s where they met), so they went for the reunion. While we were there, the teens took a tubing/rafting trip on the river, and I went with. When we got back, I had so many bug bites that I was on Benadryl pretty much the rest of that weekend, so I didn’t get to check too much into the school.

On the way back home, we stopped at Mt. Rushmore, SD! We were able to see it at night and in the daylight. The Black Hills of South Dakota are really beautiful. That night, the sky was clear and there were billions of stars out. I for one, was in awe of God’s majesty and his beautiful creation.

4. Last weekend, my mom, little brother and I took a quick one day road trip down south to visit my grandparents and aunt/uncle/3 cousins. My sister is in Haiti on a missions trip, so she couldn’t go with us.
On Sunday afternoon, I took the kids out to play laser tag. We also did a “laser maze” – it’s a bank “vault” with security lasers like in the movies that you have to make your way through without touching the laser beams. I had never done anything like that before so it was really fun to try. Afterwards, we went to Braums and got ice cream. I also got to go see the new dance movie with my cousin K. It was fun to spend time together!  I love my family.

5. After we got back from Canada, I went back to working many hours at my retail job. Sometimes it can be very exhausting work but I enjoy it. Since the holidays are coming up quick, there are a lot of new hires. I am enjoying getting to meet quite a few new people. Actually, one of the new hires happens to be none other than my sister! I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing her news, but I am excited for her.
The only disappointing thing about that is that I won’t get to actually work with her since I just put in my 2 weeks’ notice to take a leave of absence for this school year. Because…

6. In a week and a half I will be moving to Canada!!!

To be continued in part 2