Welcome to PBI


Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn (*dramatic music*)Well here we are folks, first weekend of the college life. I moved into the dorm on Friday, and since then have met a ton of new people, had numerous orientation sessions (more to come), and am already tired out. Yet here I am, after my other friends (and roommate) have long gone to bed, blogging. 🙂

It was a complete switch to come to Prairie, leaving my friends, family, job, life, school plans, and other things I held on to behind in order to seek (and find) all that God has for me this year.  Honestly, I kind of feel like Abraham when God told him to pack up and move to the ‘promised land.’

I’m stoked for this year; it’s going to be awesome!

It is so incredible to talk to the other students and hear their stories of how they decided to come to PBI. Quite a few, like me, are here just because it was God that directed their steps. And it’s so cool to meet people from literally all over the world who are here with the same purpose as me!

Some of my goals/hopes for this year:
~ grow in my relationship with God – especially dependence on him; trusting and loving him
~ establish a consistent prayer/Bible reading/reflection time everyday
~ learn more about God and what He expects/requires of his followers
~ make a lot of new friends
~ relax and enjoy the year (not focus solely on academics)

If you’re wondering how you can pray for me, here are a couple of specific things:
~ Restful sleep every night.
~ I am going to be looking for a church home in the coming weeks; that I would find a solid church to get involved in. (there are a lot of choices)
~ I will be tweaking my class schedule this week; that I will know what classes and extra-curriculars to join in.

I love how God promised Abraham that his descendants would be as numerous as the stars in the sky. I greatly enjoy star-gazing, and from up north the stars are so much brighter and clearer. It’s beautiful! God’s creation is absolutely incredible! God’s faithfulness and goodness have been clear throughout history, and I am psyched to be even a small part of his great master plan. It’s going to be a fantastic year!




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  1. I was just reading your prayer requests at the beginning of this school year. Thankful for the answered prayers!! ❤

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