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Faith on the Mountain Peaks


God is so good to me.

Just last week I graduated from college after being out of high school for only a year. During that year, I traveled to new places, met new people, made friends, bought a car, sang karaoke for the first time in front of a bunch of people, went to a haunted house, and learned a second language. I have a good job, good family, friends, dreams, and more than I could ever hope for.

Looking back, it’s incredible to see how much I’ve accomplished and how far God has brought me in the past couple of years, from a shy girl who couldn’t make eye contact to now – being bolder and more confident in myself.

I don’t ever write to say that I’m perfect in any way – not at all!! I have messed up so many times and made so many mistakes. I have hurt people that I love. I’ve had my share of heartbreak and loneliness. I’ve been through times of discouragement, confusion, regrets, and frustration. Even through it all, God still loves me unconditionally and has the best for my life.

This afternoon I went to the pool with my mom and brother. I was sitting on the edge of the pool with my feet in the water, relaxing and swishing the water around. Then this little girl came and sat next to me, mimicking me by putting her feet in and swishing the water with her fingers. She looked up at me with this cute little grin and I thought, Maybe He put me here for such a time as this.

Even though I don’t know what the future holds I know He has a purpose for my life.
 I am not a mistake (and neither are you).
I don’t have any answers as to why things happen in life (good or bad) but maybe it’s just so that we can point back to God and say, “He was faithful to walk with me through it.”